workhardplayharder pic“Work Hard, Play Harder!” This was one of my mottos in college… if I was going to study my ass off all week, you KNOW I was going out with my friends that weekend to have the best time EVER!!! So why does this have to change when we “grow up”? It doesn’t! I know…we all have work, responsibilities, bills…etc. but some of us have forgotten to reward ourselves for the hard work we do…we should be celebrating! We might not be a little kid where our mom and dad might take us out for ice cream because we did something great at school…but guess what??? TAKE YOURSELF OUT!! 😉 Whether it’s finishing a project at work, or achieving a personal goal…it should end with a whoo hoo baby! I/WE ROCK!…. and then go do something to celebrate! Work that celebration into the end of the completion phase before you even start!

You know, I look at my oldest daughter who is 13 and I’m like…I TOTALLY REMEMBER when I was 13! And now I’m 42…where’d all that time go? Because I’m still feeling like I’m 25 in my mind….just out of college and ready to create my life, again! You want more fun in your life?? Well go BE fun! Go make it happen!! What are you waiting for??? Especially when you’re going through a really rough spot…it can feel like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY! Let’s turn this shit around!! 🙂

I find that I ask myself, what do I want to do? What’s the stuff that makes me smile, the stuff that makes me laugh forcing me to not take myself or anything too seriously? JUST DO IT and get at it already! It can be planning that “unplanned” trip to an island where you just show up at an airport and hop on the next flight (TOTALLY something I MUST do…although I did do a mini version and took off to Atlantic City on a whim with nothing packed and no room booked…had a blast…but that’s a whole other story 😉 It can be spending time with your family, it can be going to a park and reading a great book…obviously the ideas are endless…and I’m sure you can get pretty creative…whether you have plenty of money..or not so much…or not any lol.

My father used to say “If you have an opportunity to create a memory…do it….because memories are the only things we get to take with us when we go.” He had passed at 53 but had lived the life of many lives with all of his hobbies and interests and crazy memories he made 🙂 He walked the talk… I believe that and live that…and it shows up in my spontenity in life….its like you’re giving yourself permission to be a little bit of a bad ass…but in a good way 😉 We all need time to re-fresh, to re-group to remind us that with all the good, bad, ups and downs, we are ALL playing this game called life 🙂

How are you playing your game??? And how are YOU going to start “playing harder“?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!! I’d love to know!


“It’s not the years in your life that count…it’s the life in your years!” –Abraham Lincoln

BONUS!!!!  You’ve got to click on this link to hear this song (but come right back and leave a comment!!! lol)…THIS will get you wanting to have some FUN for sure! Awesome lyrics and melody!!!

BONUS!!!! My friend Tony Capullo will be coming out with a book this fall 2013 on the topic of balancing business and fun called “The Perfect Balance”. I invite you to check out and “like” his facebook page at:   I love the picture he has up! 😉

 With crazy love and gratitude!

-Donna xoxo

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  1. Great advice, Donna. Simply “Having Fun” is something I think a lot of us forget to do as we get older and spend our time worrying about all of our responsibilities. This is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Thank you for the push. Reading this is making me think about my good friend, Kathy (you know 😉 She was someone who always remembered to have fun, no matter what she was going through. I remember laughing with her in situations where other people might think it hard to find joy in life. It’s honestly one of the things I miss about her the most. I know she would be very proud of you…in fact, I’m sure she is!

    1. Donna

      Hi Jeanne! Thanks for reaching out 🙂 And thank you 🙂 I think when life gets feeling like it’s a punch in/punch out clock, that’s when we have to step back and say “Wait! I ain’t going down like this!…and the only one who is going to change it up is gonna have to be ME!” SCHEDULELING some time for yourself to play and feel young at heart lets your light shine again..and that light can that reach out to everyone and everything;) And yes…that’s what I remember most about Kathy…her smile and great energy….see? That’s what counts the most…that’s what we remember 🙂

      Much love,
      Donna xoxo

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