What’s the one thing you can do with life’s playing cards that you hold in your hand today?

imagesCA5LKK4QPLAY THEM! Let’s see how this game would work…..Ok, so if God placed you down on Earth right NOW (at the exact age/time and space you are currently in) and said to you:

“Welcome to the game called life….here’s the cards you are delt, some you can change, some you can’t…but you have to play to find out how that happens. These are the “things” that you have, here are the “situations” you are in , here are the “gifts and potential” you have, here are the “people” who care and support you. Oh and one thing….you are not allowed to ask any questions as to what got you to this point. Just accept that this is your starting point. There is no past. It’s about what you have now, TODAY, moving forward.”….how would you handle your life?

Yes I know, there are lessons we have learned fronm the past that we should hold on to, that made us who we are today. But the thing is a lot of those lessons came out of painful situations: loss of a job, a divorce, betrayl, a health issue etc. and we sometimes CLINGGGGGG on to that past and let it eat us up. We are left asking ourselves questions over and over and over and OVER again  like why are these certain  people not in my life anymore?Why have I worked my ass off and have not seen the fruit of that yet? Why am I in this line of work? Why am I sick? why why why?????!!!!!

Listen! let’s take some inventory! Where are you RIGHT NOW in all areas of your life??? Where are you living? Who are the friends and famliy that you can trust? Where are you in your career? What are your abilities? After going through some hard times, what and who do you have left? Okay….so THERE’S your hand! Are you ready to play? ( I bet your hand is a LOT better than you thought 😉 What can you do with what you have right now? And remember….no whining as to WHY, no looking back…FORGET your past…you’re not going there! You are allowed to relieve yourself of your past and do amazing, creative things with the hand you have now…right NOW, not what you had last year or even yesterday…just starting TODAY!:) And yes, sometimes you may be delt a “joker” and that’s to remind us all to laugh at ourselves sometimes, yes EVEN when it’s a rough hand….cuz one day we are all gonna fold…game over…so why not have some fun with what we’ve got? 🙂 So who’s IN ????? 🙂 I AM!! Anti up baby!!!


“Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.” -Josh Billings

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibiliteis: in the expert’s mind there are few.”- Shunru Suzuki

So are you up for the game? Let me know in a post below!

With crazy love and gratitude!

Donna 🙂 xoxo


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