Time is Running Out! See Why!


So I lift my head and realize this is it! As Eric Thomas would say “This is LAST QUARTER LIVING!” We only have Oct., Nov. and Dec. left to get the projects done we said we would do this year…to reach the goals we set for ourselves this year…to deal with the relationships we said we would work on this year! This is it! No more excuses! No talking! Just DO IT! It’s all about ACTION ACTION ACTION now! No more waiting “for the right time!”…..This is when you shine! This is when your reach deep inside and pull out what you need to make it happen BEFORE we get to 2014! This is the last leg of the race!

Do you work great under pressure?( I always seemed to, although I am trying to balance that with planning and not procrastinating! lol) But for me, right now, it’s the end of the year so instead of feeling stressed to get the things done that I want to, I’m going to take that energy and run with it! I’m going to let it challange me! Are you up for it? I KNOW you have it in you! and YOU know it too! So here’s the deal…let’s get to work:

1. What do you want DONE by December 31st?

2. What is it going to take to accomplish that?

3. Break it down into weekly goals.

4. Accomplish the goals each week!

And here’s the secret to this fourth quarter living……..do step 4  NO MATTER WHAT! YES! There’s no more time for fooling around! This means NOT hanging out with your friends all the time, this means getting up EARLIER each day…EVEN on the weekends (I am so doing that!)….this means MINIMAL ( and I say minimal assuming you can monitor yourself…if not then 86 all of it for now)…. TV,  facebooking, surfing the internet into no man’s land…! Very simple…when you find yourself doing something…ask yourself ONE question: “Is what I am doing now part of the process of reaching my goal for the end of this year?” This is your LAST CHANCE to complete your projects for 2013! You will feel sooooo much better about yourself when you can look back on 2013 and say to yourself…”YES! I said I wanted to do it this year and I DID it baby!” Here’s your wake up call! That goes for me too! I’ve got a LOT of stuff to finish up!  Let’s make it happem together! I’m with ya!!! Ready…Set…GO!!!!!!

Would love to help you committ to claimimg the main thing you’re going to FINISH by the end of the year in a comment below!


” When you want to succeed as bad as you want to BREATHE…..THEN you will be successful!” – Eric Thomas

With crazy love and gratitude!

Donna 🙂 xoxo



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