waterHappy New Year!!! It’s been a while since I sent out some thoughts, but I’m ready this year to share again what I’m learning in the hopes that something I write, anything I write, may help you in some way on your journey. I want to share what I’ve learned to help make things easier for you and to offer some perspectives that may work to make your life better. Because listen, here’s the deal….we ALL look to be happy… that’s the one thing we all want right? But life throws us curve balls, and sometimes you may feel alone and defeated, but it’s about getting back UP and moving forward!….Look, if you are reading this, that means God ain’t done with you yet! So I invite you to join me this year in discussing how to let go of the stress, not take life so seriously and start living and experiencing life in a way you were meant to and deserve! And you know what? I really believe that once you embody and apply some of the concepts that I invite you to try on (because I already tried and apllied all the things I’m gonna share!), you’re gonna be fine….actually, much more than “fine”….you’ll be OUTSTANDING (which you already are…you may have just forgotten that fact!) And I will focus on the “HOW” for you.  Lot’s of people may think an idea sounds good, but then think “OK..but HOW???? HOW do I do that???” I will share  HOW to apply the ideas that will help mmove your forward…you know, the practical stuff that you can really make use of and apply!

I promise to be myself, to be open, vulnerable and real with you… no b.s. My goal is to connect with you by expressing from a place of love for your heart and believing in the potential of your spirit. You know how they say life is full of ups and downs? Well I have to say that I have been fortunate to have lived most of my life in the “up” mode…that was until I reached 40 (I‘m now 44 as I write this….see, I’m a girl telling you my age…no b.s. lol)  At 40 I started with the process of separation and divorce. It took about 4 years to get through and out of that stormy tunnel…but I made it…ahhhh thank God! Lol And you know what? “Made it” to me means to be able to be at peace with my decisions, feel secure in who I am, feel guided (and not alone, cuz feeling alone just sucks) and to have enough love in my heart for people that I’m ready to live with passion again, to give of my heart and soul again, to put myself out there and look to make a positive difference in people’s lives again. And let me be clear, going through a divorce doesn’t define me by any means…it’s just an experience I learned from on my path. Who I AM and who YOU ARE is so much more than an experience!

And for you… I’m sure you went through or are currently going through your own stuff…maybe the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, health issues, betrayal, a broken relationship, feel stuck in a relationship, have financial concerns, feeling alone, feeling anxiety, taking care of an elderly family member, loss of your home, change of lifestyle, or change of job, or maybe you feel like you’re just floundering around and don’t know where to focus your life…a loss in direction. Well, if you can relate to any of these circumstances or maybe even some I didn’t think of, I invite you to hop on this year’s journey with me so that we can connect and get you through so you can thrive!

So this was kind of like an intro, to say hi, to lay the foundation for the rest of my letters to you this year. When I thought back on all that  I have learned (and believe me, I’m not perfect, I know there’s still more for me to learn, actually, I know it will never stop…and that’s ok, that means I’m growing….and so are you) I actually came up with 25 things. “Twenty- Five Things I’ve Learned About Life So Far” ( I know, sounds corny, but it’s the truth…when I journaled and made that list it was 25!!)…… Over the course of this year on the 1st and 15th of each month, I’ll be sending you a letter from me (letter sounds so much more personal than a blog to me…..yes I know it actually IS a blog…but you get my point). I’m not going to bombard you with emails every day, so it would mean a lot to me that when you receive my letter “Hi from Donna:)” that you click on the link to my “blog” or to your “letter”….because I’m doing this for YOU:) Any struggle that I’ve been through will have been worth it if I can make a difference in your life. Whether I have met you before or haven’t yet, I still believe that you have a huge heart in there, and I still believe in your potential and I still believe that you’re gonna make it… it’s time for you to believe it too! I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with the BIGGEST lesson I’ve learned so far that I want to share with you…and when you apply it, you’ll be able to release a lot of that stress and anxiety….and be able to breathe again! This is going to be your year…I just know it!!!

Till we meet again…

With crazy love and gratitude!

Donna  xoxo

P.S. I invite you to leave a comment below so we can talk…and please share this blog with your friends/ family members in your social media crew that you think will benefit! The more light we spread the better! And remember to sign up with your name and email address above so you can automatically receive my letters to you!  Also, if you hop on over to our Facebook Page at I’ll be posting some cool quote pictures to support the theme/ lesson of each blog post/letter. Thanks!


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