laughingSitting alone in my den at my lowest point, crying, feeling like my whole world was upside down- when all of a sudden, that crying turned into me laughing hysterically! I was like here I am trying to do so much in my life, making changes, trying to handle everything in the best way I knew how… so much of it  for CONNECTION and here I am…completely ALONE?? WTF?!?!  How ironic is THIS!? And that’s when I “got it”…another lesson…stop taking myself and my shit so seriously! Did that ever happen to you? When the only thing you had left to do was to LAUGH at the whole ridiculous, “why and how the hell is this happening to me???” situation? Yeah I’m talking about your tuff stuff. There are people out there who are in not the “best” situations that have learned to laugh at themselves which just completely changes your state of mind.  There are books out there with authors who have went through the toughest experiences and were able to write  laughing about them and laughing  at themselves.. Can you find the humor in your hard times? Believe me , I’m not taking away that situations are real, raw for you. Just offering a way for you to lighten the stress of it a bit. I mean this is just a small thing and example but I went for a root canal 2 days ago…and I had my head phones on with music playing.  As the dentist is plunging these huge long needles into my mouth a new song comes on with repeating lyrics that say “my face hurts when I’m with you!”…and I just start laughing in the chair..how ironic and what perfect timing to hear this! lol…..they must have thought I was crazy but there it was..the humor in my root canal! And yes, I felt more relaxed after that laugh, and they wound up doing a great job.

And if you can’t find the humor in your situation right now, try watching other people laugh, a funny TV show, a comedian…anything that can make you laugh. Like they say, laughter is the best medicine..releases all types of feel good chemicals in your body! Just give yourself a BREAK from the seriousness of your life once in a while…hey- you can always go back;)

I’m including 2 links in this blog which I usually don’t do… but not only does it get funnier and funnier as you watch it…you may find yourself putting on a little grin, then maybe a full on smile and then actually laughter! There’s a lot of  “youth” in these short clips…but maybe that’s why I was led to them…maybe we should all find the “kid” in us a little…again.

Copy and paste:

Clip ONE:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTOeuH-iEJ8       (how can you not laugh along with this one??)

Clip TWO:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JmA2ClUvUY       (the kid on the left obviously has something very serious to say….. which the one on the right thinks is hysterical:)

There’s GOT to be a reason they have millions of hits…I think EVERYONE needs a little more laughter in their lives!:)

We are all in this together!

In my next letter to you…creating what you want.

With crazy love and gratitude! (and laughter!:)

-Donna xoxo

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