“HOW TO” Get at the cause of what’s been bothering you (Life Lesson #14)

mirrorSo, you know that situation or that person that has been giving you some underlying stress…for like…. a while now?? Has it manifested in your mind not being able to focus? In health problems? Have you suppressed it so deeply that you convinced yourself that  it doesn’t bother you anymore? Well I’ve done all that in the past. But what I’ve learned is to bring it to the top. To deal with it, or him, or her so you can REALLY let it go. I’ve confronted an adult bully…..who backed down….I’ve finally gone to the doctor to check my voice that has been getting a little hoarse after suppressing for months…worrying that there was a growth or something….then mad  of myself for even thinking that way…to finally just dealing with my fear, going to a doctor today to find there is nothing there…to saying sorry to people I needed to say sorry to, whether they forgave me or not…You know, just dealing with shit…bringing it to the top. And after confronting the things that bothered me, I felt soooo much better.

You may have situations or people in your life that you have to bring to the top…I encourage you to just do it…face your fears and: d e a l  w i t h  i t ! It’s not worth it to keep shit bottled up. And yes, it takes courage because you may not know the outcome, or may not know how people will respond. But it also won’t be eating you up inside anymore. Only when you deal with it face to face can you then truly set it free. And you know what? Sometimes it may not even be that you have to physically talk to someone. It may be that you need to confront yourself….be honest with yourself  over something. Think about it or journal about it…come to some kind of honest conclusion with yourself , for yourself. Burying it isn’t the answer…it’s just going to manifest in some other way…and you don’t deserve that! You’re better than that! No person or no situation is worth your health or worth your peace of mind. So my friend….what do you have to bring to the top??? Think about it…..

We are all in this together!

In my next letter to you…judging others…judging yourself.

With crazy love and gratitude! 

-Donna xoxo

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