“HOW TO” BE IN THE MOMENT (Life Lesson #16)

nowNot yesterday, not tomorrow…right now…yeah right now–that’s it…that’s all you’ve got. Wouldn’t it be nice to shut that negative chatter about the past right up?!?! And how about worrying about the future all the time..well THAT sucks doesn’t it?!?! No need to do either of those things because it doesn’t matter! The past is over, the future is not here yet…so all you have is NOW. And that’s just the truth…no need to torture yourself for no reason. Got it??? That being said, let’s talk about NOW. Do you know that’s where ALL of your power is?!?! If you want something different for your future, it can only be manifested through what you focus on NOW. Don’t like your reality? Well the good news is that’s based on the thoughts and feelings of the past. Which means that when you pay attention as to what you are focusing on today, it can change your reality for tomorrow.

This is one of my huge lessons because in the past I’ve had thoughts that were non-stop that were not serving me….just driving me crazy. Until, through a lot of reading and meditation, I finally asked myself… why I am choosing to torture myself??? So I learned to let go of a lot, especially since none of it was real and relevant in my present moment. If you’re breathing right now you’re alive right? (I hope so;) Well then ask yourself in this EXACT moment, what problems do you have? All you are doing is reading this letter I wrote to you. Your past or your future can’t touch you right now. Forget what happened in the past….forget about the future…JUST for a moment….what problem do you have right NOW? I mean RIGHT in this moment??……Exactly….nothing…..and that’s the starting point. Now add to that a question…. What are you grateful for right NOW? Your breathing? Your heart beating? Your sight? Your mind? You’re creativity? Your drive? Your ability to love? Your clarity because you are not thinking about the past or future? Put all your power in your “right now”! Feels good right?? Now move forward with THAT:) And the next time you get caught up (and we all do) I encourage you to take a deep breath, be present, and go back to these questions to refocus you on the now….because now is all we really have….why mess it up for ourselves? You are soooooo magnificent…soooooo powerful…..sooooo beautiful (or handsome;)…yes, right now…you are 🙂 So….. what are you going to do NOW??? 🙂

We are all in this together!

In my next letter to you…“Don’t die with your music still in you”-Wayne Dyer

With crazy love and gratitude! 

-Donna xoxo

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