“HOW TO” Express and create….now! (Life Lesson # 17)


You know those things you always wanted to create or express that are laying dormant deep inside of you? That business? That home project? That book? That song? That art? Something you always wanted to try or do? Do you have something to say? Something you want to express? Well just like the late  inspirational Wayne Dyer always said…”Don’t die with your music still in you!”

As my life goes on, it sometimes does hit me that this specific lifetime is not going to last forever. I have all this inspiration in me and it would be sad if I didn’t manifest it, or at least give it my best shot! I’m realizing, as silly and simple as this might sound, at some point you have to stop “goal- setting” about it and just start DOING it! 🙂 So I’m taking up guitar, taking up the drums, writing song lyrics, taking pictures, drawing pictures, continuing with my book, continuing with creating a movie, setting up cool experiences…whether alone or with my family, decorating and making the environment in my house that I always wanted, growing my business…there’s just so much creative stuff to do! I’m also a single mom of 3…so I’m obviously not doing it all at once lol…but I’m feeling it, doing it….a little bit of each…or sometimes a LOT of one thing I want to do in one shot. And when you focus on doing things that mean something to you, that’s when you start feeling fulfilled 🙂

So you. What do you want to express or do or create? Don’t be scared to admit it! Let it out! Is it something profound? Something creative? Something silly? Something fun? Something that you always wanted to try “just once” ;)? You wouldn’t be inspired to something if it wasn’t meant to be manifested.You’re never too young and you’re never too old! There are plenty of examples of people doing amazing things at amazing ages! Don’t worry what people may think….it’s not about them! This is YOUR time…YOUR life! 🙂 And guess what, as you start to express yourself, doing things you’ve always wanted to do, the rest of your life gets exciting too! What seemed “impossible” in life starts feeling “possible”:)

I always look at life like a playground!…so much to play with while we are here! Just look around! Want to do something? Try something? Well then run to it!! Start playing! Start putting yourself out there and expressing that stuff inside you….make sure you put it all out and leave it here! No regrets baby!! Play full out!

See you on the playground!!! 😉

We are all in this together!

In my next letter to you…“What would meditation REALLY do for you?”

With crazy love and gratitude! 

-Donna xoxo

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