“HOW TO” MEDITATE…yes it works! (Life Lesson #18)

meditationThe b.s. non-stop chatter in your head that makes you afraid to do something. The b.s. non-stop chatter in your head that plays like a broken record about the past and about what might happen in the future. The b.s.  non-stop chatter that tells you you’re not good enough and keeps you pinched off from realizing the fullness of your greatness. The conversations you have in your head with that invisible person telling them off in the past (things you wanted to say) or conversations about what you would say if you confronted them in the future (things you would like to say). Sound familiar? Ever dealt with that? I have. It’s almost impossible to deal with what you have in front of you and live in the now when your brain is busy playing make-believe with your past and your future!

That’s where meditation REALLY is the answer to tuning that stuff out so you can get the clarity in life that you so totally deserve! 🙂 When I was at a point in my life when my path was unclear, and I was going through so many transitions, my thoughts went on overload and I had a hard time getting clear on my life in the present. That’s when I was like…okay…it’s time to learn about this meditation stuff that I always hear about. For me I wanted to be guided by someone else on how to do this, so I found a mediation center where they teach it to you, and I went. And I loved it:) Over time, I would walk out of that place in peace….with my mind NOT racing…and wow did that feel awesome!:) To be able to walk around in the present and experience life in the present….again, awesome!  It didn’t mean that unwanted thoughts wouldn’t show up again, but now I had a tool to calm them down. And since I got to peace in my mind once, I knew I would be able to chill out and get “there” again…..and the security of that just made things so much better:)

As I practiced more and more it was kind of exciting because as I would bring my mind to a place of calmness and quiet, I would “get” the answers to questions I had about my life in the most purest form….it was just this “knowing” of what was the right thing to do for me in different situations. I was able to “hear” what my inner being knew to be true on so many topics. I learned to not always react (and I’m Italian so “reacting” was in my blood! ;) but rather to first get back to the centeredness that meditation gave me before I made a decision, a move, or said something. And sometimes the answer was to do nothing and let it just pass through me instead of catching it and holding it inside of me. Sometimes it was looking at the situation from a broader more spiritual perspective. Sometimes it was about setting boundaries and not interacting with what I was encountering.

I also use meditation now when I have a big decision to make….yes as corny as it sounds, I’ll “meditate on it”. The idea is to quiet the mind, line yourself up with your spiritual self, THEN make the decision. It’s from that higher centered self that the best decisions are made because it’s not muddied with all those crazy thoughts and fears going through your head. You just “know”…because you “know“.

So how to start the practice??? My best advice to you is to go to a local meditation place (which is often free) that has classes on meditation. For me, being in a class like structure worked. If you rather start alone, Oprah along with Deepak Chopra have these great guided meditations, just about 20 minutes long each day. I think they are great and I’ve done lots of them by just getting up 20 minutes earlier than my family. You can find them here. At a minimum, I encourage you to get up 10 minutes earlier than usual. Find a comfortable place to sit and focus on your breath in and out through your nose. This gives your mind something to focus on other than your thoughts. And when those thoughts creep in, and they will, don’t get mad or judge yourself…it’s okay….just let them float by on a cloud like my teacher taught me:) Little by little….you can do it! You DESERVE to experience this practice in your life:)

Namaste’ (The God in me sees the God in you:)

In my next letter to you….“The people you meet on your path….why did they show up???”

With crazy love and gratitude! 

-Donna xoxo

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