“HOW TO” Let Love be the Answer (Life lesson #20)

loveSo I’m sure you’ve heard it before…love is the answer….it’s all about love…love is what we want to feel….love is what we want to find. I know, it’s the ultimate. But what does that mean and how is letting love be the “answer” going to help you in your life?? So here’s how I look at it. It’s the opportunity to feel God’s (the universe, Buddha, whatever you want to call it) love for you, to let you know you’re not alone. Yeah, so stick with me here. If God is love, that means every time you look at something…let’s say a sunset, let’s say the mountains, or some kind of nature scene and it make you feel good and at peace- that’s God loving you, wanting you to feel love through that which he has created….wanting you to feel surrounded by love.

Let’s say you have a relationship with someone….a significant other, a child, a friend. When they are there for you, when they say something that uplifts you….I believe that’s God giving you love through them. It’s that feeling of someone seeing the good in you- wanting to connect with you. I believe God speaks through the people and situations that uplift you in life- the reminder that you are loved and not alone.

And loving yourself- the most important of all. Loving yourself enough to not let anyone walk all over you or take advantage of you. Loving yourself enough to set boundaries and to let go of people in your life that look to pull you down because of their own insecurities. And on the flip side, loving yourself enough to take care of yourself….thorough the thoughts you tell yourself…through the way you take care of and feed your mind, body and soul. Through the time you take to rejuvenate yourself. And if you don’t feel worthy, well I’ve got news for ya….you are pinching yourself off from the love that is trying to flow through you and that has always been there waiting for you to receive it-for you to remember the beautiful and amazing creation and creator you are.

We often look at love as if it has to be from a significant other…which is beautiful 🙂 But what if they are not here yet?? How are you going to choose to feel in the meantime? Love can’t be pinned all on them. You have the opportunity to allow it to flow to you from other areas of your life and in a variety of ways…and most importantly, from inside yourself.  It’s there…just waiting for you to accept it  and allow it in. That flow of love IS IN YOU no matter what. Always has been, always will be. When you feel disconnected or bad about yourself, you are pinching yourself off from that flow. So STOP IT!! 😉 Any negative thoughts about yourself in simple b.s.! You were born amazing and are amazing! You obviously just forgot and let other people dictate and project their own unworthiness on you. It was never about you…it was always about them! 

So my intention is that you remember your greatness again today! Fall in love with yourself! You were born pure positive energy- and when you live in that light- that’s when you feel good! That’s when the God inside you is saying …ahhh yes! This is how you are meant to feel! Thanks for remembering the phenomenal creation that you are and always have been!

And with that, I’m sending TONS of love to you today!!! xoxox

In my next letter to you….“Flipping perspectives!”

We are all in this together!

With crazy love and gratitude! 

-Donna xoxo

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