“How to” Own Your Braveness!(Life lesson #22)

braveSo I’m going to share with you what I think (kinda of what I’ve been doing all year right??;) The fact that you decided to be born and fully take part in this thing called life makes you the bravest of the brave! Even with any of your insecurities (and we all have them) you are STILL the bravest of the brave!  The fact that you decided to get off the bench and manifest yourself into this world, not knowing every single twist and turn, is freaking awesome! I believe we came here for the ride of our lives..to get on the roller coaster…knowing it would be scary and fun at the same time…..that we are incredible creators….that we knew there would be “contrast” or stuff we didn’t like, to help us focus on what we DO want to create for ourselves. Then once we knew what we would want, we knew the fun would be in traveling that road to get there….to line up with it until it manifests. So things you want maybe haven’t manifested yet? Well then it’s about getting rid of the resistant thoughts you have about it….and learning to rid yourself of that resistance is an amazing learning journey as well!

We are here to mix it up…to feel every emotion…to create regardless of circumstance…to love…both others and ourselves. Do fears come up? Yes! I’ve felt them of course! Have I ever needed a little kick in the ass to start playing again like I mean it? Yes! Well here is YOUR kick in the ass! (From love of course!:) Newsflash: you’re already in the game…already on the field! You came here to pay FULL OUT regardless of circumstances! And you have been chosen as a starter EVERY time! It’s supposed to be fun! Any time you spend taking your eye off the ball is a waste of time! You are ETERNAL! So PLAY like it! Give it your all!


You KNEW there would be fun times, crazy times, sad times, amazing times…and you decided to come here anyway not knowing the exact outcome at every turn. That takes someone brave to step up and take that on!

So I encourage you to remember how brave your soul is for even just showing up here, to remember your greatness, to remember that you WANTED to play this game of life! OWN it baby!!! 😉


See you on the field!

In my next letter to you….a year long wrap up….you’ve come a long way baby!

We are all in this together!

With crazy love and gratitude! 

-Donna xoxo

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