Hi everyone! I’d like to share my film making side with you. So please watch a little bit of inspiration and “My Wish” for you!



Thanks for watching the My Wish video. I LOVED making that trailer with the intent to inspire others! That video was released about five years ago, and even though I was pumped at the time, since then, I’ve gone through my own personal major transition with divorce. I’m sharing this with you to let you know that no matter how great we want our lives to be, we ALL go through some type of struggle, change or obstacle…you name it. You’re not alone! It’s challenging to say the least to go through the tunnel, but you will make it out! I did and am ready for life and feeling better than ever! And if you are going through your own major transition, no matter what area of life it’s in… I want to be there for you!

Now some of you may just feel stuck and need help putting one foot in front of the other and some of you may be at the point where you already feel empowered and ready to learn how to design a fulfilling and exciting life! Either way, I’d be honored to work with you in getting you to where you want to go. I live life from the point of view that we are all spiritual beings (regardless of your religion) here for this wonderful and crazy human experience. And when I look at life that way, it keeps it ALL in perspective. I believe your thoughts and beliefs can take you either up-stream or down-stream in your life. Everything that you need to create an amazing life is already in you- you just have to learn how to access it. Letting go of fears and resistance lets God/the universe deliver the right people and the right situations into your life to help move you forward in attracting your dreams. And living in an “attitude of gratitude” helps us to realize how blessed we really are. It is my passion and mission in life to help you guide yourself in making the decisions you want that will help you to create the fulfillment that you’re looking for… and deserve!

‘Design Your Life’ Workshop Descriptions

Design Your Life logo final

Okay, so how does this work you ask? It’s like this…you know how you’ve hosted cooking parties and jewelry parties and make-up parties? Well in hosting a “Design Your Life” party, you are investing in YOU. You invite maybe some moms, close friends and family, and I will come to your home to facilitate the one hour fun and interactive workshop for your group! (Offering your own drinks/coffee and snacks is up to you…you can even theme it up if you want:) Nothing is better than breaking through what’s in your way and then designing the life you deserve…especially when you do it with the friends and family you know and love! It’s like creating your own little personal mastermind group of support!

    1. *Creating a Positive Mindset! Wondering what to do about all that negative chatter, fear and doubt in your head? A positive mindset means not ignoring, but rather acknowledging “what is” and then deciding how you want it to be and not letting negativity from yourself or others get in your way! Our belief-systems are what drive our actions. It’s time to see which of them are serving us, and which of them need to be thrown out the window!
    2. Balancing the Flow of Life!  Wondering how to “do it all” without just losing it???  This is an opportunity to “check-in” with ourselves and see where we are in all areas of our lives. Life is ALWAYS changing, so trying to create “balance” without anticipating interruptions and curve balls is just not happening. Instead, learning to be the “conductor” of the flow that comes in and out of your life is the key! We also have fun turning some life situations and every day experiences around by shifting perspectives!
    3. Negating the Negative and Managing Stress! Wondering what to do when you are trying to be positive and are surrounded by people, many of whom you love, who are “sucking” your energy? Or are you going through a “negative” transition in your life? Understanding people’s filters through which they view life and controlling how we react to what people do and say helps to bring us perception on how to handle these situations. Many times these situations are just lessons waiting to be learned. Here we learn how to deal with the negative and manage stress so that we can move forward in our lives!
    4. Goal Settin’ & Dreamin’ BIG! Wondering about what you actually want to do with your life and how you can create it so you’re feeling fulfilled? Well, if you don’t design your life, someone else will. You’ll learn how to have fun realistically goal setting in every-area of your life and engage your emotions to help you to follow through!
    5. Communication…say WHAT? Wondering how to talk so people will listen and understand? Learn about verbal and non verbal communication with both acquaintances and with the people we love. Find out about communication between the sexes! What a man “hears” and what a woman “hears” are usually two very different things!
    6. The Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection Wondering how to fill yourself up when you’re feeling empty? Are you feeling spiritually disconnected? If we are not focused on our own well-being in the mind, body and spirit, we will never be able to fully express ourselves and give to others. We also discuss living with the “attitude of gratitude” and meditation. You are an amazing soul who has the ability to attract amazing things from the universe…and you deserve it all:) So let’s get to the core of how to do that with this workshop.
    7. Life Clarity and Momentum 

      Want to get your bearings on where you are in each area in your life? Want to feel more fulfilled? Identify your core values and see how they are aligned with your daily life.Set 3 goals that are now aligned with your core values.Learn to create action plans for achieving your goals, including breaking through any fears and obstacles that might try and “stop” you!

    8. Kicking Stress to the Curb! Stressed out?? Identify the specific situations, people, and thoughts that are causing you stress.Go through a process where you will decide what you can and cannot control.Learn how to let go and “re-frame” situations. Learn how to manage any remaining stress.

*With each workshop, all participants receive:

      • A full one-hour interactive workshop experience
      • All Moving Forward Seminars materials on the concepts you will discover that evening to use for future reference
      • A list of outside awesome resources pertaining to that particular workshop
      • Access to a private Face book page only for “Design your Life” participants. This will give you an opportunity to connect and network with others who are on the same page as you and who are learning the same concepts! An extended POSITIVE peer/friend group to connect with!