I highly recommend Donna Sirianni’s services to any business owner who values their employees and wants to invest in his/her staff! We hired her to conduct numerous seminars for both our sales division and production division. Our investment in Donna was well worth it as we have specifically seen a significant improvement in our customer satisfaction ratings since bringing her in. When hiring professionals for my business, especially one that will train my employees, they have to have similar values, fit our culture and be easy to work with. Donna not only met but exceeded our expectations. She has had a keen ability to fully listen and understand our company’s needs and delivered seminars that were fully aligned with our goals.

Whatever the industry, she can help improve communication within your staff as well as between your staff and customers/clients. Her in depth knowledge of N.L.P. was specifically of great value in increasing connection between our sales people and potential customers. Her ability to teach and have the staff interactively practice the techiques of  N.L.P., has helped them connect much better with prospects to increase sales and provide clients with what they want, in the way they are most comfortable in receiving the information.

Donna’s high energy, interactive and realistic, down to earth approach kept everyone participating and fully engaged! I can say that our people loved her and that I see a shift in positivity within the company. Our sales people often work long hours including evenings and weekends. Many of them struggle with finding balance between their home/family life and their work. Donna’s seminars dealing with work/life balance were extremely insightful and helped my staff see their life (both at home and at work) to be of value as she guided them to see a better, more positive perspective on their various circumstances. I have also received positive feedback from my staff that they really appreciate our focus as a company in making their life better. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with Donna and I can personally assure you, she is well worth hiring as an investment for your company! You’ll be lucky to have her on board as part of your team!

– Sal Ferro, President & C.E.O.

*Proud to be an eight-time “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” contractor.

Alure Home Improvements, Inc.





In my 30+ years in the HR Field, I can state with all honesty that I have rarely seen someone with such a superlative sense of professionalism, enthusiasm, motivational capabilities and communication skills. The reaction to her first presentation was so overwhelmingly positive that many of our employees literally pleaded with me to ensure she would return for subsequent seminars, which she has. Thanks to Donna’s skills and ability to coach people, I have already seen a positive change. There is no doubt in my mind that Donna’s enthusiasm, broad professional knowledge of management, leadership, motivational principles, human psychology, and other areas of social development make her an invaluable and highly effective resource. Her seminars were extremely positive and professionally rewarding for everyone involved (yours truly included, by the way!)

-Charles J. Priolo, Director of Human Resources and Administration

 BLDG Management Co., Inc. (Top Real Estate Investment & Management Company in NYC)





The first time Donna Sirianni came to SONY Music to lead a seminar, we all agreed that she did an outstanding job interacting with our employees and answering their questions! It was very apparent that she worked in the entertainment industry seeing that she had excellent presentations skills. From then on, we requested to have her come in and present on new topics. Not only was she always organized and well prepared, but she also had great enthusiasm for the topics she spoke about. Personally, Donna has given me a whole new perspective on life…I now see obstacles in a positive way and I have learned to appreciate the little things life has to offer. She is a passionate and empowering presenter and we look forward to the next time she will come in!

-Margaret Tolentino, Benefits Coordinator







Donna Sirianni is an AMAZING motivating speaker!  Her positive energetic personality makes it easy to interact and connect with the audience. It has been our pleasure to invite her back repeatedly to do seminars. She has made a huge difference in the way our employees communicate both verbally and in writing. We will continue to request her throughout the years to come!

-Maria Aiello, Program Manager






Having operated a high performance business for the last eighteen years, I understand the importance of company culture and how it impacts productivity. Having a strong culture is the glue that keeps everyone working toward a common goal as a cohesive group. If your company is determined to improve its culture in order to experience measurable and sustainable results, Donna Sirianni is the person you need to hire. Donna’s energy, her understanding of employee behavior and how it impacts the bottom line, is second to none. The return on investment you’ll experience from Donna’s high impact program will be both qualitative and quantitative. She gets it done!  

-Tony Capullo, Founder &  C.E.O.

Professional Provider Services, Inc.

Author of  “I’m Not With the Band”






I can guarantee that Donna’s light and energy is contagious! She walks the walk and always comes from a place of pure generosity and spirit, never from ego! I love working with her, and have no doubt that you will too!

-Debra Markowitz

Nassau County Film and TV Commissioner

INTENT LOGO final Lo res





Donna Sirianni’s passion and dedication to truly serving an audience at each and every opportunity is amazing and impressive. Unafraid to share the lessons and insights gathered on her own journey, Donna has a gift for connecting with others in a way that opens their eyes to possibilities they never previously imagined!

Tom Martin

President, Tom Martin Media, LLC