“HOW TO” Look for the positive perspectives in your life (Life lesson #21)

lookOne of my core beliefs is that the quality of your life and happiness is based on the perspectives that you choose to create on all that has happened and is happening in your life. It’s the perception of your world that creates your world. This is something I have practiced for as long as I can remember. Practicing this way of thinking has gotten me to move through the hard times in my life and has helped to clean up any negative vibes and situations from the past. And I’m writing about this to you because I know from the bottom of my soul that being able to do this for yourself can transform your life and help to release the resistance that you hold in your body.

I even added it to what my kids say at the end of their prayers at night. They add “Always look for the good in every situation:)” And although this next example is a simple one, I was thrilled when my 8 year old daughter put that belief into practice. I was pulling a bowl of gravy out of the refrigerator and spilled it  all over the floor. My daughter who was in the kitchen comes up to me, looks me in the eyes and says “Mommy, it’s not the end of the world, worse things could happen, We’ll just clean it up. And look at it this way…it’s making the kitchen smell good!” All I could do is look at her, take a deep breath and say “you know what? You’re totally right!” and smile. (Not because she offered to help clean it up which would make me smile in itself;) But  I was like OMG! She’s getting it!!!! If she can apply this huge life skill every time something doesn’t go the way she planned in life, she’ll always be okay 🙂

Look, I’m not saying to not feel the pain if you’re going through a hard time in life- because I do believe sometimes you just have to feel it and move through it. But when you do get to a point where you can take a deep breath and and ask for the greater good to flow through you, I encourage to ask yourself-” what is the good that has to come out of this situation? “And if you ask God to help you find it, if you listen carefully to that voice inside you when you quiet your mind, you’ll find it!

Here’s some examples to maybe help get you started…I’ve personally known people with major illnesses who said it has been a gift because it helped bring public awareness for finding a cure. I’ve seen inspirational  speakers on stage with no arms or legs saying it’s been a gift because they have been able to inspire so many with their story. What about the horrible death of a loved one? For me, it catapulted me into exploring my spirituality. I also tell myself when a challenging situation presents itself (after maybe I calmed down after being pissed off) that this situation is here to teach me something. So I ask, what am I supposed to learn? In a divorce- to not let what others think change who I am. To be more empathetic to others going through life transitions. To not to be judgmental. And most importantly to not hand over the power of controlling my happiness to someone else. In sickness- to not take health for granted. To learn to love my body and feed it with healthy food so the cells can do their jobs. Teenagers- well……they are ALWAYS giving us the opportunity to practice patience, right?? 😉

The people you meet, the situations you have that bother you- why are they here? What’s the good in it? I encourage you to look at all the situations and people form your past that has caused you pain and has been hard to let go of. How do you start letting go? By asking ….“What is or was the good in this situation?”

Change your perception- change your life. And who’s in control of your perception? You are. Enough said. xo

In my next letter to you….you’re the bravest of the brave.

We are all in this together!

With crazy love and gratitude! 

-Donna xoxo

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