“How To” Go easy on yourself…you’ve come a long way!

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So… in the beginning of this year, I sat alone with a notebook and pen reflecting back on all of the life lessons I’ve learned so far through my experiences….and I want to say thank you so much for letting me share them with you:) It was my intention that you may have found a story and perspective that you can relate to and that it might be able to shift you into a more positive place on your own journey 🙂

I invite you to join me as we take a look back!!….(in order of my letters to you):

  1. Free yourself….let go of what you can’t control!
  2. Re-write your past to serve you!
  3. Take control of what you can control!
  4. Pain is temporary!
  5. Time is on your side!
  6. Find freedom through acceptance!
  7. Find your happiness NOW…don’t wait!
  8. You are already whole!
  9. Be at peace with your journey!
  10. Let your light shine!
  11.  You are not alone!
  12. Laugh it up!
  13.  You are an amazing creator!
  14.  Get at the cause of what’s bothering you…so that it will go away!
  15. Don’t judge others or yourself!
  16.  Be in the moment!
  17. Let out what you need to express…now!
  18. Meditate!
  19.  Be grateful for the people who have crossed your path!
  20. Let love be the answer!
  21.  Always look for the positive perspectives of everything!
  22.  Own your braveness!
  23. Go easy on yourself…we all have bad days and you’ve come a long way!

And you know what, when all is said and done, I believe it boils down to this:

Don’t worry so damn much….let go of the shit you can’t control…find things and ways to focus on that make you happy…be grateful for each day, person and situation (even the bad ones because they give you some type of opportunity to grow and learn)….live in the moment….find the funny… let love guide you….and be easy on yourself when you have an off day… it’s okay! We all have them! Sometimes we just make too damn much of everything!! Be proud of how far you’ve come…you made it…you’re still here…still alive…give yourself some credit! 🙂

You are absolutely amazing! With anything and everything you’ve been through…you are STILL here killin’ it!!! This is our life…we all decided to be here in the SAME time and space reality…so we are ALL connected! You may feel that your light dims sometimes…but it NEVER goes out….so get out of your own way and let it shine brightly! I truly believe we are ALL “powerful beyond measure!”….2016 is time to now own it!

Sending MUCH love out to you! I invite you to reflect back on all you moved forward through this year and to look ahead with excitement for all that is yet to come in 2016!

What will you create? What is your life going to look like and feel like this year?!?! I’d love to hear from you! Thanks for taking the journey with me this year!

We are all connected…..

With crazy love and gratitude!!

Donna 🙂 xoxo

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