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Hi there! I believe it is important for us to search out how to be the best version of ourselves while we are on this journey- both in life and in business. The quest for personal growth is an ongoing one that asks us to be authentic and honest with ourselves in order to make the changes and shifts in perspective needed to bring us to the next level.

The seminars I create are designed to engage you on all levels. They are also constructed to be personal and meaningful for you. In order for you to learn, you can’t just sit and listen. There has to be an emotional foundation created as well as an opportunity to reflect, discuss and experience what you are learning so that a strong personal shift can be made.

I also believe we have to surround ourselves with others who are open and have a similar mindset- and that’s what this is all about! We bring like-minded people together so that there are positive, authentic connections being made. We are all in this together! So let’s grow, connect and have some fun! I look forward to meeting you at the next event!

Our “X-factors”

What People Are Saying

About the Personal Growth Experience…

About the custom corporate series…

“Our investment in Donna was well worth it as we have specifically seen a significant improvement in our customer satisfaction ratings since bringing her in. Her techniques have helped our employees connect much better with prospects to increase sales and provide clients with what they want. I can say that our people loved her and that I see a shift in positivity in my company. I can personally assure you she is well worth hiring as an investment for your company. You’ll be lucky to have her on board as part of your team!”

Sal Ferro
President & CEO, Alure Home Improvements

“The Moving Forward Real Estate Program that Donna offers is a game changer! Donna has had such a positive impact on the realtors she’s met and is an incredible person who is helping them with their business and life’s journey. Thank you Donna!””

William McCartney
Regional Vice President, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

About the One-On-One Strategy & Accountability program….

"Working with Donna Sirianni and doing the Moving Forward Seminars One-on-One Strategy Program is unquestionably one of the best choices I have ever made, period. The return-on-investment is infinite- intellectually, emotionally and financially. Donna is an absolutely brilliant teacher, tireless listener, terrific motivator and savvy business adviser, all wrapped into one. No matter who or where you are, if you’re looking to get to the next level and beyond of whatever it is that you’re doing in both your life and work, Moving Forward Seminars is the way to get there!"

John Herbig
Key Executive

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