Are you ready for some new energy in your company? Are you ready to raise the bar and create the type of can-do culture that you’ve been envisioning for your employees? GREAT! You’ve reached the right solution!So here’s my overall philosophy…in the beginning of our seminars, titles, positions, and departments are stripped. We are all human beings. We all have certain beliefs and thoughts that govern our actions and how we “show up” at work. It’s important to experience and embody that from all company levels. We then focus on what is in common between everyone. We all want to feel that we are good enough. We all want to feel valued, both intrinsically and extrinsically. We want to feel that we are contributing to the bigger picture and are a part of the progress. We want to feel proud of what we do. We’d love to live our lives feeling energized and ready to rock! We’d love to hop out of bed feeling excited to go to work, and feel grateful for our family on the ride home.Once that connection between the people of your organization is established, the next focus becomes, okay…so what can we do as a company to do our best to make that happen? How can we re-evaluate our roles as employees, managers and owners to work together to be massively productive and fulfilled at work and at home? The truth is, once you treat people as a WHOLE person, understanding that their job is only one component of their lives, that BASIC acknowledgement has the ability to release tension, frustration and provide acceptance which can allow the true potential of each employee to rise to the top! And who benefits from this? Everyone. Remember that ultimately the employees of your company have hopped on the boat to help you fulfill your vision. Enrolling in our seminar program allows you the opportunity to give back to the foundation that holds you up…and in giving back…everyone wins.

Corporate Seminar Descriptions

We provide a series of one hour seminars as well as more in-depth (half day/full day) seminars on our topics to fit your schedule and needs. You may choose to experience one seminar at a time or invest in the “OUR COMPANY ROCKS!” package rate. These seminars are raw, real and practical with the intention of participants feeling confident enough to apply these concepts into their home and work life when they walk out of the room. Companies ask which topic should they start with…I say, for sure, “Developing a Positive Mindset”. This seminar will provide a strong foundation that allows people to feel comfortable, open and ready with positive anticipation to receive many of the beneficial concepts in our other seminars. Change your thoughts and you change your world!




1.    Creating a Positive Mindset and Motivation:

 Is negative self-talk and lack of confidence hanging over you like a dark cloud and holding you back from doing what you want?

Experience the power of your mind.

Learn how to re-direct your thoughts.

Access your confidence.

Understand how your personal beliefs as to what’s possible effects our results.

Find a fear that’s holding you back and see how it could affect your life, then learn how to release it.

Learn what to do when negativity creeps back up.

2.    Team Building

Do you want to see people working together to get outstanding results on an outcome instead of sabotaging each other and taking things personally? 

Take part in an ice breaker finding out where are you are the same with others in your company.

Learn your “thinking style” and “personality” and where it fits in with your team.

Learn the basics of reflective listening while communicating with your team.

Understand what causes conflicts in a team and how to resolve them

Problem solve a real work challenge in groups, utilizing what you have learned about yourself

3.    Work/Life Balance and Flow

Do you feel yourself being pulled at both work and home and are left feeling unfulfilled?

Identify all of the roles we play in life.

Feel what it means to be centered.

Understand the difference between life balance and flow.

Identify how fulfilled you feel in each area of your life.

Start designing your life by knowing where you are, where you want to go and how to specifically start moving in that direction in each area through practical insights and ideas.

Identify the most troubling areas in your work and personal life and shift perspectives to meanings that will serve you.

Learn tips on how to transition from home to work and home again.


 4.    Communication

Do you feel like you’re being blown off and are not able to get your point across when you are trying to communicate? Are people just not understanding each other?

Learn to let go of ego in order to understand another’s point of view.

Identify the three levels of communication.

Identify and demonstrate the traits that make and active and reflective listener through face-to-face activities

Learn the 7 steps to resolve conflicts.

Analyze misunderstood email/text messages.

5.    Health and Wellness Planning

Do you feel like your mind, body and spirit are just not balanced or being attended to?

Identify what you can and cannot control in life.

Identify what stresses you out and how decrease it.

Learn why we need to drink so much water.

Learn specific wellness habits that can increase your energy.

Decide what feeds your spirit…meditation, beliefs, nature, books.

Design your personal well-being plan incorporating daily activities for your mind, body and spirit that are realistic for your lifestyle.

6.    Kicking Stress to the Curb

Are you feeling stressed out of your mind and want some peace?

Identify the specific situations, people, and thoughts that are causing you stress.

Go through a process where you will decide what you can and cannot control.

Learn how to let go and “re-frame” situations.

Learn how to manage any remaining stress.

 7.    Dealing With Change and Letting Go

Having a hard time dealing with changes in work or home and letting go of the past?

Identify some of life’s biggest changes.

Learn why most people find it hard to deal with change.

Understand the big picture on how change is always constant and it’s our ability to deal with change. and adversity that helps determine the quality of our lives.

Find your own life changes from the past and re-access your qualities that it took to get through them.

Learn how changes usually lead us to where we are meant to be, even though it may not seem like it at the time.

Create your own road map for letting go of the past in order to find a more compelling future.

8.    Dealing with Challenging  People/Customers

Are you finding it challenging to deal with customers who are aggressive?

Learn how to properly address the customer.

Learn how to be specific in understanding their problem.

Learn what to do in handling and solving their problem.

Learn how to deal with threatening and abusive customers.

Explore and evaluate in teams how to apply the above techniques using specific cases from your company.

9.    Time Management and Organization

Do you find yourself saying to yourself “There’s not enough time in the day!”

Learn how to set your emotional intent for the day.

Know your outcomes and your whys.

Learn how to capture and chunk items for the best use of your time.

Create “rules” with your team for communication (emails, texts, calls, and mtgs.)

Identify and control obstacles, time wasters and distractions to time-management.

Decide what can be accomplished during your commute.

10. Public Speaking

Do you get nervous when you have to speak to a small or large group of people?

Learn and apply the one biggest mental shift to make that helps reduce the fear of speaking.

Understand the value of transparency.

Learn the three learning styles of people to better aid you in getting your message across.

Identify your “x-factor”.

Learn effective tips in being prepared in how you present both yourself and your message.

Create and demonstrate your own one minute business elevator pitch.

11.  Creating Life Clarity

Feeling scattered and long for clear direction in your life?

Evaluate you fulfillment in the 10 main areas of your life.

Take part in a process where you identify your top 3 core values and see how they are aligned with your      daily life.

Set 3 inspired goals that are now aligned with your core values.

12. Setting Goals and Creating Momentum for Your Overall Life

Do you want to finally make goals that make sense and are achievable in your life?

Evaluate and assess how fulfilled you feel in the 10 main areas of your life.

Choose a goal that you have set for yourself in an area that you decide that will move you forward the most in your life.

Devise a clear and specific action plan on how to turn action into results in achieving your goal.

Learn how to overcome fears and obstacles that may try and “stop” you.

13. Setting Goals and Creating Momentum for Productivity in Your Work Life

Are you feeling stagnant at your job and want to feel more fulfilled and productive?

A clear assessment of how confident you feel in the 6 main areas at work.

Set a goal for yourself in an area that you decide will move you forward the most in your job.

Create a clear and specific action plan on how to achieve that goal including overcoming any possible obstacles in your way.

Learn how to overcome fears and obstacles that may try and “stop” you.


By popular demand!*

Capturing Clients!”

“People do business with people they like…and trust.”

                       1/2 day (3 hour) interactive N.L.P. seminar for your sales team 

  • Are you in a company/business where it is essential to build rapport and trust with potential customers/clients in offering your services/products?
  • What is N.L.P. (Neuro linguistic programming)? It’s a method of connecting how we think, communicate and create patterns of behavior in order to achieve an outcome. Neuro linguistic programming offers a numerous amount of applicable techniques for gaining rapport, establishing communication and trust with potential customers and clients.

Understand the foundations of N.L.P. as it relates to selling/connecting with potential clients

Learn to gain rapport and establish trust through:

  • Sensory acuity (visual, auditory and kinesthetic)
  • Eye clues
  • Verbal sensory language
  • Body language
  • Emotional Matching

Discover the buyer’s map:

  • Identifying their meta-program and eliciting their values

Learn to take action capturing clients through:

  • Anchoring
  • Reframing
  • Tag questions
  • Pacing and leading
  • Feel, felt, found
  • Embedded commands
  • Forward pacing

*Participants will have an in-depth opportunity to practice and apply all of the N.L.P. techniques learned at revolving stations with selling scenarios that apply to your specific company.

Seminar Rates and Packages:

Call (516) 308-7783 to book your dates! (Limited slots)

* Please contact us for corporate rates including 1/2 day, full day and seminar packages.