Mindset Mastery Student Empowerment & Leadership Program

Program outcome: to provide the opportunity for student personal growth and self-awareness which aides in focusing them into creating a strong, positive foundation and vision for leading themselves as well as others. This high-energy, interactive and reflective program creates momentum in empowering students to make positive, productive decisions based on six focus areas. (Each area is considered a one hour interactive workshop which creates a program of six total hours.).


1. Creating a Positive Mindset and Confidence

2. Mindfulness and Managing Stress

3. Clarity and Goal Setting

4. School/Life Balance and Flow

5. Interpersonal Communication

6. Leadership and Informed Decision Making

Mindset Mastery! creates a community and peer-team environment where students are given the time to foster belief systems and a mindset that serve as their positive inner guidance in both in school and at home. Students will be given the opportunity to reflect and make decisions on their own specific life situations and challenges in relation to the focus area module being presented. It is designed this way so that regardless of the amount of students involved in the program, each student will be able to take away their own lessons and new perspectives as individual participants.

* All students receive a Moving Forward Seminars Mindset Mastery! Fun Packet for each workshop (to be copied by the school district). Students will be able to record their thoughts on the various focus area activities, reflective questions posed, and decisions they make. Students will also be encouraged to share their developing belief systems with others who are engaged in the program as to foster connectedness and community within their peer group.

This program is valuable for:

1. Districts who want to move into the direction of creating an overall positively empowered student body culture and seek to provide their students the opportunity and tools to make that happen.

2. Students who need direction in finding a strong sense of self so that they may make productive rather than destructive decisions.

3. College bound students looking to add to their transcript/package an empowerment and leadership program completion.

4. Students who are considered “average students” (a vast population) and are currently doing “just fine” in their high school career, where we can have the opportunity to unlock major potential for positive influence and leadership within their school culture and community that may have been lying dormant.