The Moving Forward One-on-One Experience for CEOs and Key Executives

Inquire today about our Moving Forward 1-on-1 Experience exclusively for CEOs and Key Executives,

Why work together and enroll in the Moving Forward 1-on-1 Experience?

        Because as a successful CEO or Key Executive:

  1. You take advantage of every resource possible to help you to succeed.
  2. You want to reach your goals faster.
  3. You understand Pareto’s 80/20 principle (80% of your results come from 20% of your actions) and want to strategize, be focused and held accountable for that 20% for faster success.
  4. You will save yourself time, become more efficient and be more productive.
  5. You want an additional person on your team to help you to win.
  6. You know the more perspectives you expose yourself to, the better decisions you will make.
  7. You already have a lot going on so you understand the value of staying focused and on track.
  8. You know the more clarity you have, the more influence you will have with others.
  9. You have an open mind and a growth mindset.
  10. You know that the most successful people in the world such as Oprah, Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, Chuck Liddell, Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Google) and many more work with coaches.

TESTIMONIALS from enrolled CEOs and Key Executives:

“As the managing partner of a busy law practice, most days are spent dealing with client and staff issues, leaving little time to work on my own initiatives.  Working with Donna has enabled me move those initiatives forward, as she has not only helped me identify them but holds me accountable each week to make sure I am taking steps forward.  She is a true professional, and I would strongly encourage other CEOs and other business leaders to work with her to maximize your personal growth and impact.” 

-Joe Campolo, Managing Partner Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP





“Donna has helped me to identify each area in my life and business that I want to improve, to set crystal clear attainable goals in those areas, create a definite action plan, and take immediate decisive action. In a nutshell, Donna has helped me to gain clarity and  inspired me to move forward in all areas of my life.  Since working with Donna, I have  accomplished more in 90 days than I normally do in a year or two.  My priorities are now crystal clear and being achieved. Thank you Donna!”

-Kevin Merola, Founder/CEO Merola Tile





“Working with Donna Sirianni and doing the Moving Forward Seminars One-on-One Strategy Program is unquestionably one of the best choices I have ever made, period. The return-on-investment is infinite- intellectually, emotionally and financially. Donna is an absolutely brilliant teacher, tireless listener, terrific motivator and savvy business adviser, all wrapped into one. No matter who or where you are, if you’re looking to get to the next level and beyond of whatever it is that you’re doing in both your life and work, Moving Forward Seminars is the way to get there!”

-John Herbig, Client Services Manager Impact Environmental





For a limited time offer, I am offering a complimentary Creating Clarity consultation for CEOs and key executives.

In this 45 minute complimentary session you will…

Create a crystal clear vision for:

  • the level you are working at in 10 areas of your life (including business) and the level you want to go to
  • the 3 values the are most important to you that should be incorporated into your life and business in order to be even more fulfilled
  • creating powerful goals that will change your life/business along with your first action steps
  • uncovering  hidden challenges that may be inhibiting quick exponential growth

You will leave the session feeling clear and empowered to prioritize, focus and take action on what will move you forward fastest with the greatest results.

In order to claim your complimentary “Creating Clarity” consultation (live or zoom) please email me  with “I’m interested” , your name and contact information and  I will then contact you to set up a date and time convenient for you.

As a busy Owner/CEO/Key Executive, have you ever looked for any of the following?

  • Clarity
  • Balance between your personal and professional life
  • Prioritization of what you want to accomplish in both your personal and professional life
  • A person to confide in who is not part of your company who can offer you honest, fresh perspectives that are in your personal best interest
  • Self-accountability because yes, you are always accountable to your clients, but when you are at the top- who really holds you accountable?
  • Someone who will be by your side challenging you to be your best 
  • Someone who can guide you in aligning your mind and soul with your actions in order to create personal congruency.
  • Someone who will strategize with you in creating an ongoing action plan that supports what you want to accomplish professionally as well as who you want to be as your best self. 

Then let’s talk because I can help you achieve all of that and will personally care about your growth and progress! .

Call our office today  at (516) 308-7783 to learn about the three program options we have for you (both live and/or on zoom), including exclusive bonuses that can serve your company’s employees as well.

With gratitude,

Donna Sirianni