Personal Development for Real Estate Agents Program

For real estate company owners and agents who would like to bring this program into their real estate company, please watch the video below and call us as 516-308-7783 to set up a discovery meeting.

What brokers and agents are saying:

“The Moving Forward Real Estate Program that Donna offers is a game changer! To be able to help people with perspective helps them tremendously to create an exceptional life and business for themselves.  Donna has had such a positive impact on the realtors she’s met and is an incredible person who is helping them with their business and life’s journey.

-William McCartney, Regional Vice President, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


“What separates Donna from the rest is her unique approach. Her program focuses solely on mindset and belief systems. She provides the needed foundation of the emotional and psychological framework from which agents can now springboard their business to new levels. She is aw and honest and is truly traveling the road together with our agents!”

- Ed D’Ambrosio, Executive Senior Manager of Long Island Sales, Douglas Elliman


“This is not a typical sales course! Donna’s seminars have given me a clearer perspective of how to communicate my message effectively to my clients and future clients. She helps you break down the walls that stop you from fulfilling your potential (which is usually ourselves!). I have found a new way of communicating my purpose, which is that I am here to serve my clients best interests and help them on their journey.”

-Liz Barcia-Savastano, Douglas Elliman real estate agent


“The Moving Forward Real Estate Program is a refreshing alternative to what we realtors are accustomed to! It’s completely original and truly beneficial to our clients, customers and to ourselves!”

-Antoniette Steo, Realty Connect real estate agent


“After the very first seminar, I felt all the negativity just disappear and a level of competency and fearlessness take over!”

-Lisa Kasparian, Douglas Elliman real estate agent


“After only one seminar session, I have become very aware that when negative voices come into my head, it is in my power to delete them and replace them with I CAN!”

-Tricia Shannon, Douglas Elliman real estate agent

“Donna Sirianni has been the most impactful and inspirational mentor I have had to date. Her passion and enthusiasm is what drew me to engage in her group seminars. Her strategies helped me to deal with the obstacles in real estate transactions in a positive way. Her words instilled confidence, strength and moral support for my everyday life, whether it be personal or real estate. I must confess that her aura is quite contagious and has taken its toll on me. She is a true force of light in one's life. Thank you so much Donna. Keep it up! Looking forward to your next seminar!”

-Margalit Soleimani, CIREC, Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT. NYS Licensed Salesperson


“Donna's seminars are highly interactive and fun to attend! You will learn a great deal about yourself, and the information gained in her seminars will not only make you a better salesperson, you will be able to apply them to many aspects of your everyday life!"

-Peter Zavatsky, Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT, Associate Real Estate Broker
President, Commercial Network of the Long Island Board of Realtors


Terrific program with many empowering take always! Donna’s series of exercises builds individual self-awareness and confidence. She effectively promotes effective team building & cooperation as well!

-Marian Conde, CIREC, Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT, NYS Licensed Salesperson


For sponsors/vendors who want to be on an "Interactive Sponsorship Team" in order to build relationships with real estate companies and agents, please watch our video below. Call our office at 516-308-7783  for more information and to join our program.

What sponsors/vendors are saying:

“Being an interactive sponsor of Donna’s Moving Forward Real Estate Program presented me with the unique opportunity to meet and build relationships with rooms full of commercial real estate agents that I would not have ordinarily had the chance to meet in the way she has brought us together. During the seminars where we work on bettering ourselves in both business and in life, Donna has us work in groups and one on ones which created the opportunity for creating personal relationships. Commercial real estate agents recommend my firm’s services for architectural, engineering and permitting to their clients. Being involved with Donna and Moving Forward Seminars has clearly helped me to grow my business!”

-Mark Catapano, C.O.O. Catapano Engineering & Architecture, P.C.


“As the Sales Director of Liberty Moving and Storage I am always looking for inventive ways to propel my sales force in their careers and personal development. The Moving Forward Real Estate Program has proven true. My Move Consultant Gary Ferrero and I are developing amazing skills to achieve our goals both professionally and personally all while increasing our referral network, thanks to Donna and her inspirational skills. A win, win for anyone in sales!”

-Jennifer Doran, Director of Sales and Marketing at Liberty Moving and Storage, Commack NY


“I have been working with Donna with this unique team approach and it has been great! I’m always looking to add value and show realtors how I can help them be more successful and what DONNA is doing has helped me to jump start the process. She really inspires and helps the realtors as I get to work alongside them and improve on myself- while all at the same time, I’m adding value to their businesses. With this program, I have been able to partner with realtors in helping each other grow our businesses and better serve customers.”

-Robert Zabbia, Agency Owner, The Zabbia Insurance agency


“Donna is an ambassador of empowerment! She is full of positive energy and offered me several business ideas right from the start of the interactive sponsorship process which have tremendously helped me connect with my target market. Her mind is always moving in a positive direction and I know she has my best interest at heart. She is full of generosity and the design of her program for her interactive sponsors truly reflects that!”

-Dana Barash , President and Founder, Spacial Serenity, Inc.


"I look forward to Donna’s monthly Moving Forward Seminars. They are like a tune up for my mind, spirit and soul. Her interactive coaching method really drives the lesson home. As a sponsor, I am grateful for the opportunity to be a resource to the group members and their clients. Moving Forward Seminars are a Win-Win for all involved!"

-Mike Richter, CEO Aztec Energy Group


“Today’s technology driven millennials are motivated by experience relationships. The Moving Forward Real Estate Program helps develop a client centric mind set vs. a product driven transaction. Through Donna’s program the sales experience improves, because within the topics we explore, there is a shared commonality of life situations between the sponsors and the real estate agents that authentically connect us.”

-Peter Lichtenberg, MBA, CLTC, Integrated Financial Concepts